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Hong Kong housing

HK harbour

In a recent article in the SCMP Alex Lo drew attention to the fact that there are civil servants earning $300,000 per month whose responsibilities seem to be somewhat less than a traffic warden. We also read numerous letters referring to the acute housing shortage. The proposed solution offered by our overpaid leaders is generally to suggest we should build more houses. This exemplifies the lack of creativity stemming from our education system as the average $10,000 a month worker could have come up with the same answer.

So let’s look at the housing problem in a different way. I am sure we can all agree that the main aim is to reduce the demand for houses but the problem is not that we have too few houses but that we have too many people. When park managers have a glut of animals that are upsetting the balance of nature they carry out a cull. We could adopt a similar approach to provide a swift solution to the housing shortage; the main problem being how to decide on who to cull.

An obvious starting point would be the homeless but for a longer term solution we could slaughter the democrats or anyone who votes DAB. This arbitrary selection might be considered unfair by some, depending on your political leanings, so the government could hold a referendum or setup an elimination committee of 1200 who could decide on our behalf. While some might consider this as draconian and undemocratic it would provide an environmentally friendly solution to the housing shortage, particularly if we recycle the results of the cull in the form of animal feed or to help fuel the power stations to keep all the Teslas running.

So there you can see the benefit of a liberal western education, a solution to today’s problems that is cheap, fast and effective and would leave the country parks unscathed. Can our leaders come up with a better idea?