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Police thugs

One night, the police get a call about a man being beaten up. They arrive to find the victim with his hands tied behind his back being kicked and beaten by a gang of seven men. The police intervene, interview the gang and find that they have been under a lot of pressure at work and that the victim had provoked them. The police show sympathy, tell the gang it’s understandable and that it’s ok to give the man a beating.

I would hope that everyone would read this and say how ridiculous, this would never happen in Hong Kong, and yet 33000 police officers and their supporters seem to think it is acceptable behaviour. By condoning the actions of the seven police officers who have just been jailed, and by insulting the judiciary, it seems the police and their supporters are calling for us to accept Duterte style vigilante policing.

I do not hear any of the police supporters saying that what the seven did was outrageous and completely unacceptable, just that they were acting under stress and have been treated harshly. Had the policemen lashed out when Mr Tsang, for whom I have no sympathy whatsoever, poured liquid over them it might be possible to use that argument but, instead, collectively, they took him to one side and beat him. That isn’t heat-of-the-moment cracking under pressure, it is deliberate thuggery. They even did it on camera, giving the impression that they did not think what they were doing was wrong.

Rather than complain about the sentencing the police and the public should be happy that, thanks to the judiciary, we have seen that neither the police nor ex CEOs are above the law.


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