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Andy Statham

Yim Tin Tsai (27-12-19)
Ocean Park to Stanley (14-12-19)
Ma On Shan Tsuen (28-09-19)
Lions Nature Ctr (21-09-19)
Tai O (27-07-19)
Peng Chau (29-06-19)
Cheung Sheung 2 (15-06-19)
HKU Gala Day (14-06-19)
Kam Kung Leng
Mount Johnston (26-04-19)
Lead Mine Pass (06-03-19)
South Lantau Trail (17-03-19)
Man Kok Tsui (12-03-19)
Tai Fu Tai 2 (27-12-18)
HK Education Uni (07-11-18)
Clearwater Bay CP (24-11-18)

Lead Mine Pass (06-03-19)

Yuen Tun Ha, above Tai Po
A murky Tai Po from Yuen Tun Ha,
Picnic site at Yuen Tun Ha
Not an exciting photo but the area across the valley looks interesting
The start of the Wilson Trail stage 7
Nice natural path
Wilson Trail marker
Stone steps make a nice change from the concrete
Can't tell from the picture but long, steep, rough steps that would make a Land Rover cry
Was this the lead mine? Not sure.
Again, hard to see that was quite a steep climb
One hour climbing steps. These must have found an easier way up.
Started stage 8....
...but it starts with another flight of steps so changed my mind
Wild monkeys
When I tried to take his picture he was VERY wild
Sulking on his own. It's illegal to feed them but doesn't stop them trying.
Just so I know where I am
Nice stream and....
....rock pools
Large, stunning picnic site
Picnic site
Picnic site
Picnic site
First view of Shing Mun Reservoir
Natural butterfly garden
Didn't see them all but very nice place
A well earned coffee at the end of the walk