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Andy Statham

Yim Tin Tsai (27-12-19)
Ocean Park to Stanley (14-12-19)
Ma On Shan Tsuen (28-09-19)
Lions Nature Ctr (21-09-19)
Tai O (27-07-19)
Peng Chau (29-06-19)
Cheung Sheung 2 (15-06-19)
HKU Gala Day (14-06-19)
Kam Kung Leng
Mount Johnston (26-04-19)
Lead Mine Pass (06-03-19)
South Lantau Trail (17-03-19)
Man Kok Tsui (12-03-19)
Tai Fu Tai 2 (27-12-18)
HK Education Uni (07-11-18)
Clearwater Bay CP (24-11-18)

South Lantau Trail (17-03-19)

Pak Kung Au, path to Sunset Peak bu....
I chose the South Lantau trail
Nice path...
Natural stone and earth rather than concrete
Sunset Peak (869m) disappearing into the clouds
Some wonderful rock formations
On a clear day the views would be great. Looking towards Pui O and the Chi Ma Wan peninsula
South to Cheung Sha
Pui O again
Up in the clouds
Nice waterfall
Infinity pool - the drop off down to the sea is dizzying
Long flight of steps down to Nam Shan
Nam Shan
Nam Shan
Not sure what the function of this house is but it's quite attractive
Last section down to Mui Wo
Attractive house on the edge of Luk Tei Tong village.
Friendly vegetarian natives
And so to lunch