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Andy Statham

Lamma (18-04-01)
Trappist Monaster (18-03-30)
Lai Chi Wo(18-03-11)
Yim Tin Tsai (18-03-10)
Roshan/Aparna wedding
Christmas 2017
Pui O
Trappist Monastery
Trio Beach
Big Wave Bay (HK Island)
Lamma South 2
Mui Wo
Park n Shop
Lamma South
Yuen Yuen Institute
Western Monastery, Tsuen Wan

Lamma (18-04-01)

Nam Wing Building, Happy Valley
On the minibus to Causeway Bay
Causeway Bay station waiting for the train to Central
Bolivian pipe band at Central Ferry Piers
Waiting for the Lamma ferry with half the population of HK
Yung Shue Wan
Yung Shue Wan
Lamma map at Yung Shue Wan ferry pier
View across to Lantau
Yung Shue Wan beach and restanrants
Yung Shue Wan main street
Yung Shue Wan main street
Hung Shing Ye beach
Hung Shing Ye beach
The wonders of beach life
Fire brigade to the rescue
Fire brigade
Fire brigade
Fire brigade
Rescue vehicle
Pak Kok Tsui, north Lamma